Friday, February 17, 2012

R.I.P. Robert Waterhouse

Roman Colosseum lit to protest an execution
Florida executed Robert Waterhouse on February 15, 2012, for the rape-murder of Deborah Kammerer.

Waterhouse was 65 years old and had been on Florida’s death row since 1980.  His original death sentence was overturned in 1988 because of his trial lawyer's poor representation.  He was sentenced to death a second time in 1990.  His recent claim, based on testimony from a newly discovered witness who said he saw Waterhouse leaving a bar with two men and not the victim on the night she was killed and the state's destruction of evidence that made it impossible to perform DNA testing that might exonerate him, was rejected.

This is the fourth execution in the United States in 2012, the first in Florida.


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