Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Platitudes Will Save Us

I sent President Obama a letter about a month ago.  It was the first time since I was about eight, when I wrote an impassioned letter to Santa Claus (probably asking for a new bike or a baseball glove), that I had attempted communication with such a high-placed personage. 

In my letter to Obama, I extolled his extraordinary decency but suggested that this unprecedented time called for fighting indecency.  I suggested that were more important principles at stake than ensuring a smooth transition of power.  I urged him to use the bully pulpit to call out Trump's unfitness for the office, the likelihood of his financial self-dealing, and his actions that suggested deep-seated racism, including appointing Steve Bannon as his close advisor and nominating Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General.  I urged him to request the Department of Justice to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Russia's interference with the election and Trump's possible collusion, and another to review the FBI and its Director's role.  And I urged him to use his recess powers to appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

Today, I received the highly anticipated response.  Shockingly, Obama did not follow my advice on any of these points.  He did appreciate "the feelings of uncertainty many Americans have had lately" but assured me that "America remains the greatest nation on earth" and that "one election does not change who we are as a people."  He pointed out that "progress doesn't come easily, and it hasn't always followed a straight line," but he "firmly believe[s] that history ultimate moves in the direction of justice, prosperity, freedom, and inclusion" because of people like me who "speak out and hold our country accountable to our highest ideals."

I sure feel better.  Just like I did when Santa wrote back to tell me that as long as I'm a good boy, I'll get that bike.


Ravindra Rajawat said...

I am very happy to knowing this that A citizen Can love his country so much.
It is an inspiration to all of us citizens around the world. we wish that you will get your bike from Santa. Mr. Barack Obama such a great personalty & as well as a nice human being of this earth.

Kate said...

Thank you for the letter to President Obama. I also feel the balance is pretty off right now. That is the nicest way for me to say that. I am really afraid for my country. I was complacent the past years. now it is time to be active again and speak up. Thank you for your words. Obama did not do much but he did inspire the people. He has a good talk. We need the inspiration to move this country into a better place.

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