Thursday, January 19, 2017

March On -- This Is Patriotism

"And so we thought it was the right time to make a campaign that’s about diversity and inclusion, about people seeing the common bonds we have, and our connections as human beings. The idea was to take back a lot of this patriotic language in a way that we see is positive and progressive, and not let it be hijacked by people who want to say that the American flag or American concepts only represent one narrow way of thinking."  -- Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey captured the zeitgeist in 2008 with his iconic "Hope" poster.  That was then.  This is now.

The Women's March on Washington is expecting at least 200,000 people protesting the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.  (For a point of reference, roughly 60,000 people protested Richard Nixon's inauguration in 1973, in opposition to the Vietnam War.)   And there are over 600 sister marches going forward around the country and across the globe.

This is what patriotism looks like.


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