Monday, October 17, 2011

Wall Street Whines

Nicholas Kristof wrote a great column on Sunday, in which he tapped into the "primal scream of democracy" that has become the Occupy Wall Street movement.  He described the frustration driving OWS as stemming from economic equality, and the "growing sense that lopsided outcomes are a result of tycoons’ manipulating the system, lobbying for loopholes and getting away with murder." 

As it becomes clear that the movement is resonating with more and more Americans, the financial industry, as Paul Krugman notes, has gone from "contemptuous dismissal" of Occupy Wall Street to "whining" about it.

Not surprisingly, Tom Tomorrow captures the mood on Wall Street perfectly.  (Read the whole comic by clicking on the Tom Tomorrow badge on the right of the blog.)

As Krugman explains:
Until a few weeks ago it seemed as if Wall Street had effectively bribed and bullied our political system into forgetting about that whole drawing lavish paychecks while destroying the world economy thing. Then, all of a sudden, some people insisted on bringing the subject up again. And their outrage has found resonance with millions of Americans. No wonder Wall Street is whining.


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