Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Citi Field: We Are The .475 Percent

The Apple is sort of like The Onion for Mets Fans.  A creation of Randy Medina, it is "Mets News That Is 0% Accurate, 100% Funny."  Randy has graciously allowed me to cross-post.  This piece was originally published on October 12, 2011: 

Occupy Citi  Field Movement Enters Third Week

The crowd of angry Mets fans gathered outside Citi Field continues to grow as the Occupy Citi Field movement enters it's third week.  The protest, which has been largely ignored by most of the mainstream Mets blogs, doesn't seem to have a clear goal but protesters are united in the fact that they are ticked off about something the Mets have done recently.


Stephen said...

Notably this says that Mets fans were gathered "outside" Citi Field. That this fantasy protest "has been largely ignored" squares with the reality.

The "inside" the park facts are sobering. Mets attendance was down 8% in '11 and ranked a shabby 14th among 30 teams.

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