Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fair And Unbalanced Turns One!

A year ago, after a sleepless night followed by a state-imposed furlough day, I created Fair and Unbalanced.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was after, but I suppose I was looking for a creative outlet and a vehicle to connect with the larger community on issues that I deeply care about, particularly, as the subhead says, "politics, law, social justice, music and baseball."

While the blog continues to evolve, there have been a few mainstays.  I acknowledge every execution that takes place in the United States, hopefully a feature that will become less frequent over time.  I update a link to Tom Tomorrow's weekly comic.  I did a weekly review of great jazz albums, but have taken a break after reaching fifty.  Usually in the middle of the week I post a video of an indie rock performance, which I refer to as a "Palate Cleanser," and then create a playlist for every ten, the latest of which you can hear by clicking on the Fair and Unbalanced Radio badge.  And, on the right column of the blog you will find links to progressive organizations, important causes and worthy non-profits.

I try to post at least one or two (sometimes more) informative, thought-provoking pieces every single day, a goal I've been able to maintain thanks to an impressive roster of contributors who have allowed me to share their work and to whom I am extremely grateful.

And I am very thankful for the growing and seemingly enthusiastic readership, of which you must be one if you are still reading this.  A dear friend and more experienced blogger told me when I first started Fair and Unbalanced that I needed to do this for myself, first and foremost, and not look to others for validation.  I think that has been pretty good advice, but I must admit that the positive feedback and staunch support I have received, and the connections and re-connections I have made, have been enormously gratifying.

So, please, keep it coming.  Spread the word:  "like" the Facebook page and urge your friends to do the same.  Share posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Care2 and elsewhere.  Subscribe, follow, comment.  Let me know what works and what doesn't.  And, most of all, keep reading.

Thank you for being my community.


Stephen said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday, FAU! Wishing you many more anniversaries.

For the Suggestion Box: How about doing interviews with your progressive heroes (bonus points for video interviews)?

And finally, because I know you're WAY big into astrology, I thought it appropriate to post your horoscope for today:

Libras [and blogs] born on October 16 are peace-loving individuals who can meet tough challenges. These engaging men and women have an almost childlike love of the spontaneous gesture. Further, they have the ability to judge others in a wise yet kindly way. They have a strong humanitarian streak.

John Balazs said...

Congratulations! Thanks for keeping us informed and inspired.

lonbud said...

Wow. Thanks to Stephen I may have to give astrology another look...

Happy Birthday FAU!

Interviews, yes! Podcasts! Let's take FAU multimediadimensional. I know where you can find a good sound guy...

Scotty G said...

happy anniversary Unbalanced... you are still standing and the first year is the hardest. - a fan forever, no matter the medium

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