Other Contributors

I am honored by and grateful for the contributions to Fair and Unbalanced of this illustrious group:

  • Fuzzyone is a native New Yorker (a real one, born and raised in Manhattan).  He has been a criminal defense lawyer for 17 years.  His first involvement in politics was working on the Mondale/Ferraro campaign when he was in high school.  The Democrats have more or less kept disappointing him ever since.  He moved to Oakland five years ago and is still trying to find a decent bagel and deli.  Much to Lovechilde's chagrin he is a lifelong Yankee fan [and therefore is prohibited from blogging about baseball on this site]
  • Sasqi, an alias for Farnaz Fatemi, among many other things, is a poet, teacher, reader, world traveler, and an avid baseball fan.  (Oakland A's.)  She is a Lecturer in Writing at U.C. Santa Cruz.

I have received permission to cross-post articles originally published elsewhere by the following:
    • Rose Aguilar is the host of Your Call, a daily call-in radio show on KALW in San Francisco. She's the author of Red Highways: A Liberal's Journey into the Heartland. 
    • Locke Bowman is the Legal Director of the MacArthur Justice Center and Clinical Associate Professor.  The Justice Center is a public-interest law firm at Northwestern University School of Law that litigates issues of significance for the criminal justice system, including prisoner rights, the death penalty, and gun control.  Locke's work focuses on cases involving police misconduct, compensation of the wrongfully convicted, rights of the media in the criminal justice system, and firearms control.  Locke is a Cubs fan.
    • Robert L. Borosage has long been a leading voice for progressive politics in the United States. He is the founder and president of the Institute for America’s Future and co-director of its sister organization, the Campaign for America’s Future, vital organizations which develop policies, message and issue campaigns to help forge an enduring majority for progressive change. Robert writes widely and brilliantly on political, economic and national security issues.
      • Tom Engelhardt is creator and editor of Tomdispatch.com, a website that aspires to “to connect some of the global dots regularly left unconnected by the mainstream media and to offer a clearer sense of how this imperial globe of ours actually works.”   It is a project of The Nation Institute, a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Engelhardt and the impressive group of progressive voices he has gathered "tenaciously chronicle, explore and illuminate," as Dan Froomkin describes, "the unspoken realities that shape our political discourse."  At bottom, Froomkin explains, is Engelhardt's "relentless thesis that America is a modern empire that has become addicted to the wars that are hastening its decline."
      • Richard (RJ) Eskow is a well-known blogger and writer, a former Wall Street executive, an experienced consultant, and a former musician. He has experience in health insurance and economics, occupational health, benefits, risk management, finance, and information technology. He is a Senior Fellow with Campaign for America's Future.
      •  Mark Hertsgaard is an independent journalist who has covered politics, the media and the environment for 20 years for leading outlets around the world, including Vanity Fair, Time, The Nation, L’espresso and the BBC.  He is the author of six books, including most recently, “HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth."
        • Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, senior scientist at the Pesticide Action Network (PAN), fights to replace the worldwide use of pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives, and challenges corporate control over global farming and food systems.  Somehow she finds time to write on these topics at PAN's website, Ground Truth.
        • Jodi L. Jacobson is a long-time leader in the health and development community and an advocate with extensive experience in public health, gender equity, human rights, environment and demographic issues. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of RH Reality Check.
        • Dave Johnson is a Fellow at Campaign for America's Future, who writes about American manufacturing, trade and economic/industrial policy.
              • David Onek is a candidate for District Attorney of San Francisco.  He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice and a former San Francisco Police Commissioner.  David is a leading expert on criminal and juvenile justice, with experience in policy-making, academia and government. 
              • Eva Paterson is the President of the Equal Justice Society, an organization dedicated to changing the law through progressive legal theory, public policy and practice.  For many years before founding EJS in 2003, Eva was at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights (where I interned for her back in the mid-1980s). 
              • Isaiah J. Poole has been the editor of OurFuture.org since 2007 and also directs the Campaign for America's Future's online communications.
              • Robert Reich is Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley has given me permission to cross-post from his blog, www.robertreich.org.  Professor Reich has served in three national administrations, most recently as secretary of labor under President Bill Clinton. He has written thirteen books, including The Work of Nations, Locked in the Cabinet, Supercapitalism, Aftershock, and his most recent, Beyond Outrage.
                • Norman Solomon is a writer, political activist, and now a candidate for the U.S. Congress.  His books include War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death (2005), and for many years he wrote  a nationally syndicated "Media Beat" column.  He has also been a North Bay political activist, most recently as a leader of the region’s Green New Deal commission and the national Healthcare Not Warfare campaign.  He is running for Rep. Lynn Woolsey's Marin-Sonoma County seat in Congress.  You can more about and donate his campaign here.
                • I have been granted permission to cross-post from the blog at the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.  ACS is a non-profit policy institute that "believes that law should be a force to improve the lives of all people."   It "promotes the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law."