Thursday, September 1, 2011

Questions For Cheney

As Dick Cheney does the book tour circuit, unencumbered by any fear of legal liability (see Author of "In My Time" Should Be Doing Time), reporters should use their access to confront him about the more controversial aspects of his legacy.

Dan Froomkin provides a helpful list of questions he needs to be asked:

  • How Can You Possibly Not Call It Torture? And Just How Involved In It Were You? 
  • Why Torture Detainees If, On Top Of Everything Else, It Doesn't Even Work?
  • What Do You Consider A Violation Of Human Dignity, Exactly?
  • At What Precise Moment Did You Conclude That War With Iraq Was Inevitable?
  • Did You Tell Scooter Libby To Leak Valerie Plame's Identity As A CIA Agent To The Press? 
  • Just How Much Surveillance Do You Think The Government Can Do Without A Warrant?
  • What About All The Spectacular Blunders You Don't Mention In Your Book?  
  • Who Was Really In Charge The Morning Of 9/11?
  •  Are You Familiar With A Man By The Name Of Karl Rove?
  • How Much Had You Had To Drink Before You Shot Your Friend In The Face?
  • How Much Did You Know About Halliburton's Massive Bribery Scheme In Nigeria?
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