Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Submission to the George Bush Facebook Contest

George Bush has launched a contest on Facebook.  He will invite one Facebook fan to Dallas for an in-person interview about his upcoming memoir, Decision Points.  To be considered, contestants must submit five questions. The lucky winner will receive round-trip airfare to Dallas,  the "opportunity" to interview Bush about his book, and a personalized, signed copy of Decision Points.  Yikes.  Below are my five questions.  What are yours?
1.  When you owned the Texas Rangers in the 1990s, how much direct involvement did you have in getting your sluggers, including Sammy Sosa, Raphael Palmeiro and Juan Gonzalez, to use steroids?
2.  Did you ever finish "The Pet Goat," the book that you continued to read for seven minutes after being informed of the 9/11 attacks, and if so, what did you think of the ending?
3.  When you were Governor of Texas, 150 men and 2 women were executed after you signed their death warrants.  If you were aware that the clemency memos prepared for you by then-legal counsel Alberto Gonzalez were incomplete and inaccurate, failing to inform you of gross examples of ineffective counsel, conflict of interest, mitigating evidence, and even evidence of innocence, do you think this would have made any difference in your decisions to reject clemency?
4.  Given that any reasonable reading of the intelligence to which you had access established that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and had no connection with Al Qaeda, was your true rationale in overthrowing Saddam Hussein to avenge his attempt on your father's life or was it for the oil, or did you really believe the crazy neo-con theory that you would be able to transform the Middle East?
5.  Dick Cheney has admitted that you signed off on the "enhanced interrogation techniques," i.e., torture, of so-called high level prisoners.  Your father famously and falsely claimed to be "out of the loop" on Iran Contra.  My question to you, sir, is whether you were out of the loop on authorizing torture?


Rob Corn said...

I think you need to simplify the questions....maybe multiple choice?

Lovechilde said...

Or true/false. Thanks for posting.

Rob Corn said...

You're right, that is the simpliest form of multiple choice!

Lovechilde said...

I was thinking, though, that for Bush it might need to be false/false.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I don't think you'll get picked. Unfortunately.

psurfalicious said...

I'm thinking spin the wheel for an answer. He doesn't have to think too hard and it's fun!

Lovechilde said...

Welcome to the fun, Psurf. Don't forget to sign up as a follower.

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