Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And, Uh, What About FISCAL Stimulus?

By Norman Solomon, originally published at Daily Kos, July 13, 2011.

Norman Solomon will represent the
progressive wing of the Progressive Caucus

I'm glad that Ben Bernanke said today that the Federal Reserve may take some stimulus measures. Late, but at least he's talking about it.

Along Pennsylvania Avenue, though, the silence is disconcerting -- while unemployment festers, worsening and doing daily damage to lives across the country.

Writing as a candidate in a San Francisco Bay Guardian piece last week, I emphasized that the power of Wall Street to limit legislative possibilities must be challenged.
As a member of Congress, I want to work on building coalitions to fight for a wide-ranging progressive agenda — including guaranteed health care, full employment, workers' rights, green sustainability, full funding for public education, fundamental changes in federal spending priorities, and an end to perennial war.
The business of legislators should not be business -- it should be democratic representation of the public interest. And that has to include taking seriously the quest for full employment. To accept vast numbers of jobless people is to accept the unacceptable.

[Norman Solomon is running for Congress in Marin-Sonoma County, California.  He has agreed to let Fair and Unbalanced cross-post his writings which, as you can see, demonstrate what a powerful, progressive voice he would bring to Washington; a voice that is so badly needed.  Please share these posts widely, and click here to contribute to his campaign]


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