Friday, October 15, 2010

When George Bush Roots For The Enemy of My Enemy

Michael Young hit a two out, two run double in the bottom of the fourth to put the Rangers ahead of the Yankees 5-0. As I clapped and cheered I was suddenly discomfited by the sight of George W. Bush on the teevee clapping and cheering with me. I hate the Yankees and must root against them, but it was pretty unsettling to be in synchronicity with the former president. I'll feel better when the games return to Yankee Stadium and there on the screen will be Rudy Guiliani cheering in his Yankee cap. I'll feel even better when the Yankees stop winning.


lonbud said...

I know the feeling. The only redeeming feature of that game 1 comeback was the look on dubya's face when the Yanks tied it up. The ALCS makes it really easy to be a Giants fan this year.

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