Sunday, February 18, 2018

Trump Goes All Captain Queeg

"For god's sake, somebody tell him the mess boys ate the strawberries." -- Charles Pierce
It is hard not to draw parallels to Nixon's unravelling in the waning days of Watergate, when Tricky Dick was drinking heavily, scribbling incessantly on legal pads and making bizarre late-night phone calls while his Chief of Staff, General Al Haig, tried to tamp down the chaos and run the government. Imagine if Nixon had Twitter. 

Now picture the malevolent orange #shitgibbon alone, washing down cheeseburgers with diet cokes, gorging himself on cable news and raging about how the indictment of 13 Russians confirmed the truth of what he has long disparaged as a hoax -- Russian interference in the 2016 election.  He knows that the indictments have not by any stretch absolved him of "collusion" and he knows that Mueller is just getting started.  Meanwhile, Melania is surely not providing badly needed ballast after yet another bombshell report about another affair -- this time with a former playmate of the year, rather than a porn star.

Isolated and feeling cornered he does what rats do -- lashes out at all his perceived enemies.  As this headline from Talking Points Memo puts it:  "Trump Attacks Congressional Dems, FBI, McMaster, Clinton, Obama, Schiff, Others."   Rather than focus on how he can use the power of the presidency to protect the country from further Russian interference or provide solace and reassurance to a nation grieving from another mass shooting, he takes to spewing out a series of increasingly unhinged, defensive tweets that display a level of ignorance and dishonesty and a lack of sensitivity and empathy that is remarkable even for this despicable sociopath. What is really frightening is that the indictments don't directly implicate him -- imagine what he will do and say if and when he is implicated.

The most offensive tweet was this one:

As EJ Dionne says: "it is hard to capture the horror of using the deaths of young Americans as part of his campaign of denial and self-protection."

Digby, who copies the entire gruesome collection at least as of 9:30 this morning here, wonders whether his tweetstorm is not a reflection of his narcissism but his guilt:
What if he goes to these lengths because he's actually guilty? I certainly am not saying that he has a strategy. He's clearly incapable of that. What I'm saying is that his crazy reaction to the Russia investigation isn't necessarily attributable to his insane ego. It might just be attributable to the fact that he knows he did something very bad and he knows he's going to be caught. It is not normal for a 71 year old man to behave this way, certainly not normal for a president. But there is no reason to assume that his abnormal behavior is simply a function of his narcissism. It might just as easily be a function of his guilt.
The bottom line is that we have another stark reminder that this #shithole is utterly unfit for office.  And we must not forget that his shameless enablers in the Republican Party continue to support him, vote at his direction and refuse to investigate him.  It would only take two GOP senators for fuck sake to bring him down but it isn't going to happen.  This is not going to change until November.  Let's get busy.

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