Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on DADT

In an earlier post, Don't Ask, Don't Tell:  Don't Be Lame, I talked about the remarkable inability of Obama and the Democrats to repeal DADT despite its unpopularity, immorality and unconstitutionality.  And it does looks like the Republicans, led by John McCain, will ensure repeal won't happen during this lame duck session by threatening to filibuster the defense appropriations bill if the repeal is attached to it.  Imagine what would happen if Democrats threatened to block consideration of a bill that funds our troops, especially as Veterans Day approaches.  But as Matt Yglesias explains, not only will Republicans filibuster the defense bill, they will do it to support a highly unpopular position, AND "they’re turning their obstruction into a political winner by forcing the progressive community into circular firing squad mode.


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