Friday, October 22, 2010

Shocked, Shocked That Anita Hill Was Telling The Truth

In the wake of Clarence Thomas's wife's bizarre phone call to Anita Hill, the media has revisited the controversy surrounding Thomas's confirmation hearings.  These articles generally take the position that there it is still a serious question as to which party was telling the truth (the Washington Post referred to it as an "enduring mystery," stating it was "still unclear who was lying.")  Now, another woman, Lillian McEwan, has come forward to reveal that Thomas repeatedly made inappropriate sexual comments to her at work, including descriptions of pornographic films.  Of course anyone who was paying attention will recall that she is not the only one to corroborate Anita Hill.  At the time of the hearings, there was yet another woman, Angela Wright, who was willing to testify that what had happened to Hill had also happened to her.  She was slimed by the right, and the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were cowed into cutting a deal where Wright would not be called.  It was also confirmed that Thomas had rented pornographic movies.  So, not only is there no mystery about who was telling the truth, but as Jim White on the Firedoglake blog points out, "we are now in a position of having a sitting Supreme Court justice who has been demonstrated to have committed perjury during his confirmation hearing."


sasqi said...

It's kind of deeply depressing all over again. Denial stage of....?

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