Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Drumpf Lib

The malevolent orange __________ continues to degrade the office of the presidency.  Rather than reading his briefing memos and relying on the intelligence agencies at his disposal, he has tweeted a bogus conspiracy theory he heard about on Fox & Friends early this morning regarding __________.

Then in a series of rage-tweets during his Executive Time, he redoubled his efforts to undermine and obstruct the Special Counsel's Russia investigation by recklessly impugning the integrity of an FBI/DOJ employee named __________, disparaging the investigation as nothing more than a _________, demanding that the government instead investigate ___________ -- although that Fox-inspired nonsense has already been debunked -- and demanding prosecution of his political enemies, including __________, __________, and Hillary Clinton.

In a campaign rally/jamboree/cult gathering in __________, he once again decried the mainstream media as the enemy of the people for failing to uncritically praise him for doing __________, which it turns out was not at all what he actually did.  He lied about __________.  He claimed that liberals were _________ and that __________ was going to happen if they won the mid-terms, which sounded very much like a threat to end civil society.  And he spewed terms such as __________ and __________, which were dog whistles that racists understood loud and clear.  In the process, he roused the crowd into chanting __________. 

Meanwhile, new reports surfaced about __________, demonstrating again how Trump and his family continue to profit from the presidency and how his failure to disengage from his financial empire has created debilitating conflicts of interest. He still refuses to disclose his federal tax returns and Congress has declined to demand them.

Another cabinet member/administration official, __________, has been accused of  __________, a grossly unethical practice that should -- but won't -- result in his/her dismissal.  While another business associate/lackey, ___________, has reached a plea/immunity deal.

Remarkably, __________also happened today, which under any other administration would be a front page scandal but barely receives any attention now.

As developments with the Special Counsel investigation provide tantalizing new clues about __________, Trump reportedly contemplates shutting it down by firing __________.   Despite such reports, the Republicans still refuse to take any steps to shield Mueller from a Nixon-inspired Saturday Night Massacre.

Indeed, the GOP is nothing more than a craven bunch of Vichy Republicans who have willfully failed to be a check on the presidency, refusing to investigate __________, __________, __________,  much less criticize Trump over __________.

Meanwhile, the Democrats tepid response is dispiriting.

But the unprecedented corruption and abuse of power emanating from the White House every day, together with the new spate of bold, energized candidates, including __________ and __________ will hopefully stir everyone to the left of the deplorable right to work towards ensuring a Blue Wave in November.  Otherwise we're __________ed.


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