Friday, December 8, 2017

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Clarence Thomas' Wife Gives Award To Man Who Tried To Discredit Sexual Assault Allegations Against Roy Moore At Trump Hotel

James O'Keefe's most recent stunt attempted to discredit the Washington Post's credible reporting on Roy Moore's sexual improprieties with underage girls.  O'Keefe hoped to show the Post was promoting fake news about Moore by trying get them to bite on a false story about another woman's relationship with Moore that purportedly resulted in an abortion when she was 15. Had the Post published the story, O'Keefe would have revealed the story as untrue, thus calling into question the other allegations against Moore and helping a pedophile win a Senate bid.  Fortunately, the Post did their due diligence and exposed the scheme.  

Ginni Thomas is a  right wing activist and powerful lobbyist.  Formerly employed by the Heritage Foundation, a right wing think tank, she set up a political consulting business, Liberty Central, which has been described as an advocate for “liberty-loving citizens" fighting against the left wing "tyranny."  She is also an indefatigable defender of her sexual-harassing husband, Clarence Thomas, who sits on the Supreme Court.  (See "And The Chutzpah Award Goes To ... Ginni Thomas")

So who better to give James O'Keefe an award than Ginni Thomas, and where better to hold the ceremony than at the Trump International Hotel.  The event was hosted by a group called United for Purpose, and the award (also given to Sean Hannity, among others) was designed to honor “conservative leaders who are making a transformational impact on American culture.” Ginni Thomas called O'Keefe and the other award winners “the bravest, most effective, most dedicated, determined warriors defending the values that are the real strength of America. They have shown moral courage in the face of desperate times.”

Desperate times, indeed.  This little episode in mind numbing hypocrisy should remind us that with all the reckoning about sexual misconduct perpetrated by those in power, it is far past time to revist Clarence Thomas.  Maybe Joe Biden, whose shameful performance as chair of the Senate's Judiciary Committee during Thomas' confirmation hearings that continues to taint his legacy, should show some moral courage and initiate the call.

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