Monday, November 13, 2017

The Two Men From Alabama Who Personify The GOP

First, there's your former judge whose Senate campaign is in jeopardy, not because he is a racist, homophobic, religious bigot who was twice removed from the bench but because he is a pedophile. Then there's your pro-NRA, anti-Hillary blogger whose nomination for a lifetime appointment on the Alabama district court may be called into question not because he has only been a lawyer for three years, never tried a case, and has barely ever been in a courtroom but because he forgot to disclose that his wife is chief of staff for the White House Counsel and has been interviewed pursuant to Mueller's investigation. 

Republicans didn't care about Moore's racism, anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim views or his disdain for the Constitution.  But will they take meaningful steps to thwart his candidacy for sexually assaulting young women?  And they didn't care about Brett Talley's utter lack of qualifications for federal judge.  But will any Republican vote against his confirmation for his lack of honesty?
Hopefully they won't ask the leader of their party if any of these qualities are disqualifying characteristics.


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