Friday, November 18, 2011

Puddin' Don't Just Appear On Line

Politics, social justice, capital punishment, the primary topics covered on Fair and Unbalanced, are often grim, and usually pretty serious, and writing and posting on these issues I often feel like an unrelenting messenger of gloom and doom.  But hopefully you have noticed that if you scroll down the blog you can get some measure of comic relief with a new Puddin' Don't cartoon almost every day.

Puddin' Don't Fetch because he can't as he has no arms or legs, but thanks to his inventive creator Jake Barlow, Puddin' is up to all manner of other tricks with very funny, usually irreverent results.  (My daughter, inspired by Puddin' has created her own character, a fish with no fins.)

Here are a couple of my personal favorites: 

Now, just in time for the holiday season, Jake is introducing his first printed collection of Puddin' Don't cartoons.  This collection represents over 200 cartoons made popular by fans online.  Only $15.  You can order by clicking on this link here.


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