Thursday, October 20, 2011

Questions After Qaddafi

Muammar el-Qaddafi has reportedly been killed.  In the immediate aftermath, The New Yorker's Amy Davidson, as always, asks the right questions:   "If he was killed, how?  As a prisoner or a fugitive?  Was it a NATO strike, or was he shot in a gunfight?  Was he captured alive, and then killed?  (That matters, even for him.)  Who is left in his circle, who has been captured, will they be tried, and by whom?  Most of all, what comes next?"

And we can’t forget our own role there.
Libyans seized their country with their own hands and now will build their own future. But our planes and our bombs helped; we are involved. (Though it’s worth remembering, amid talk of the vindication of that decision, that Congress was not consulted, or not adequately; we need to have a better domestic conversation about that.) We didn’t want to turn away from the people of Benghazi; what is our responsibility for the settlement after the storm? Maybe there was golden pistol: there are, in war and peace, very few silver bullets.


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