Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inside Rick Perry's Brain

"My brain is like a chicken pot pie"  -- Rick Perry, 1994.
Earlier, I wrote about Rick Perry's (and the Republican audience's) disturbing response to questions about his unprecedented record on executions.  (See Ultimate Justice.)  Perry claims not to have "struggled at all" with putting people to death despite serious questions of innocence.

As Steve Benen notes, in the same debate Perry maintained that the science on climate change “is not settled,” and that he doesn’t care what “some scientist somewhere says."  
The governor balks when presented with evidence on evolution, abstinence education, and climate change, but embraces without question the notion that everyone he’s killed in Texas was 100% guilty. The scientific process, he apparently believes, is unreliable, while the state criminal justice system is infallible.
Perry will not let the facts get in the way of his policy positions.  While intellectually, morally and politically bankrupt, it is at least consistent. 


Bill said...

Is the the federal reserve system being toyed with for Perry's political gain in the middle of a near depression. I wonder what his realtionship with Richard Francis really is? Will Francis be calling Bernanke a traitor soon?
Francis ran for lthe Senate as a D in 1994. If you listen to his comments they could have been written by the Perry campaign

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