Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Voice

My sister is producing this inspired and inspiring documentary that explores the lives of the top-singing students of the Santa Monica High School Choir, and its visionary choir director, Jeffe Huls.  As drastic budget cuts endanger both the quality of our public schools and their arts programs, here is a determined high school music teacher striving to create a thriving vocal music program that ignites in his students a passion for music, a sense of belonging, and the value of working hard to achieve their dreams.

Watch the trailer below and you will get a sense of why this film is so moving and so timely.  The project will be funded only if $40,000 is pledged by October 10th.  They are 45% there.  So, please, click here to support this important work, and share this post widely.


sasqi said...

This is so great. I donated. Not only because the project itself is inspiring, but because I spent more hours in the music room featured in that trailer than any other place during my time at that high school...

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