Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Sheriff's Endorsement Of David Onek For D.A.

Sheriff Michael Hennessey
I have written often of my strong support for David Onek's candidacy for San Francisco District Attorney.  David is a leading expert on criminal and juvenile justice, with experience in policy-making, academia and government.  He would provide a thoughtful, progressive approach to criminal justice and public safety issues.  (See, e.g., Onek's the One, A True Criminal Justice Reformer.) 

It is not surprising that David has garnered a wide array of supporters, from law enforcement as well as the criminal defense bar, and from educators, current and former political leaders and unions.  Nor is it surprising, indeed it is quite telling, that his latest endorsement comes from Sheriff Michael Hennessey, the longest tenured Sheriff in the State of California, widely known and greatly respected for, among other things, his pioneering efforts in developing prisoner education and rehabilitation programs.

This is from the press release issued by David's campaign:
Sheriff Michael Hennessey today endorsed criminal justice reform expert and former Police Commissioner David Onek for San Francisco District Attorney. 
Hennessey, who was first elected from outside the sheriff’s office, made his office an acknowledged statewide and nationwide leader in implementing proven, data-driven reforms. He’s been widely recognized for championing innovative education and rehabilitation programs in the jails and in the community, and for dramatically increasing the number of women, minorities, and gays and lesbians in his office.

"David Onek has the skill and the will to make San Francisco safer," said Sheriff Hennessey. "As Sheriff, I was able to institute reforms because I had not spent my career as an insider maintaining the status quo. David will bring this same fresh perspective to the Office of District Attorney. As our next District Attorney, David Onek will work with law enforcement and the community to reduce crime in our city. Please join me in voting for David Onek as our next District Attorney."

"I am so humbled to receive Sheriff Hennessey’s endorsement," said Onek. "For over three decades, Sheriff Hennessey has been one of San Francisco’s most dedicated and respected public servants – and our city is safer today because of him. His record of engaging with the community and implementing innovative reforms is an inspiration for me and for our entire campaign." 

  (You can see the entire list of over 2,000 supporters by visiting www.DavidOnek.com/Supporters.)


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