Monday, July 4, 2011

Three Stooges: McCain, Lieberman and Graham

Does anyone care anymore what Senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham have to say about U.S. involvement overseas?  It is always the same hawkish stance.  As Steven Benen puts it, they "want U.S. forces to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, want the Obama administration to be more confrontational towards Iran, and want President Obama to pursue “regime change” in Libya."

This is nothing new.  But there they are, once again, back in the news (Senators Voice Worries on Planned Withdrawal) and dominating the Sunday talk shows.  Benen points out that Democratic members of Congress were again shut out on Sunday TV.  Isn't it time for some new voices to be heard?


Stephen said...

Yes, it's long past time for new voices.

Irony alert: "The Three Stooges" will be coming to a movie theater near you in 2012. Oh well, so much for new voices. Life imitates art.

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