Monday, June 6, 2011

Nothing To See Here

When a politician gets caught in an embarrassing situation that is neither criminal nor relevant to public policy it may be fodder for good, even great comedy (Please see John Stewart, The Big Wang Theory).  But it shouldn't rise to the level of major news as the Weiner story has become.  Nor should whatever nonsense Sarah Palin utters, for that matter.  But the mainstream media remains focused on such inanities while failing to dig into some really important stories, such as the global energy crisis, the recall elections in Wisconsin, the GOP assault on voting rights, the thwarting of key Obama Administration nominees, and the the fact that the Republicans are truly seeking to abolish Medicare, to name just a few.  Come on, media, get serious.  I'm just a part-time blogger, I can't do everything.


Stephen said...

You have such high hopes for us, Lovechilde. This made-for-the tabloids wet dream of a story couldn't help but dominate the news. Just pray that we don't discover that Weiner sexted anything to Blagojevich.

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