Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Big Man (1942-2011)

A while back I wrote about my love for Bruce Springsteen and how much his music resonated with me back in my glory days:  Thank You Steven Gladstone, Wherever You Are.  So, it is with great sadness to have to say farewell to Clarence Clemons, the amazing saxophone player who was the soul, if not the heart and soul, of Springsteen's E-Street Band.  As Springsteen  put so well, "with Clarence at my side, my band and I were able to tell a story far deeper than those simply contained in our music."

If I had to pick one song which exemplifies what Springsteen is talking about it would be Jungleland, from Born to Run, in which the Big Man's brilliant saxophone solo turns a great tune into an epic. 

A little synchronicity. After posting this, I see that my blog-mate Fuzzyone, posted his own tribute with the exact same video.  It is worth listening to twice.


lonbud said...

the change was made uptown and the big man joined the band. they'll be doing 10th avenue freeze out in heaven tonight.

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