Thursday, March 3, 2011

Must See, Must Share: Powerful New Political Ads

As Republicans go after unions, health care, education, women's reproductive rights, gay rights, and social programs aiding the disadvantaged, poor, and middle class, it is important to highlight  what this means, not just politically, but in human terms.  Here are some powerful ads worth watching, sharing and supporting:

First, here's an ad against Gov. Walker's War on Republican Working Families in Wisconsin, produced by Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America.

Next is AFL-CIO Now, with We Are One.  In addition to stirring shots of solidarity and support in Wisconsin, Ohio and elsewhere for workers under siege by conservative lawmakers, the ad quotes Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley:  "When you try to make unions the problem rather than the politically difficult decisions that we have to make as a people, then you’re not being very forthright and honest with the citizenry you’re representing."

Finally, Move-On has a great new ad, Stop the Republican War on the Middle Class, urging Democrats not to cave to Republicans on budget cuts.


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