Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Insulated Republicans

Nancy Pelosi established Green the Capitol in 2007, which sought to lead by example by making the House of Representatives more environmentally conscious.  The program aimed to "reduce energy consumption, conserve resources, and incorporate sustainable business practices" into the House.  Under Speaker Pelosi's leadership, the House switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs, used recycled paper and provisioned the House cafeteria with compostable utensils, recycle bins and low-emission vending machines.

This was all too much for Republicans.  Staying true to their stereotype, GOP lawmakers and staffers complained about the quality of the biodegradable forks and knives, and had trouble figuring out how to separate their garbage into recycle bins.  Now that they are in control, the Republicans are suspending elements of the Green the Capitol initiative.  Beginning today, polystyrene coffee cups can be found at the Capitol Carry-Out for the first time in four years.

It is not surprising that a group with a majority that does not believe in global warming would be so dismissive of steps to reduce its carbon footprint.  But, you would think that any self-respecting coffee drinker would realize that coffee simply doesn't taste good in styrofoam.  Well, what do you expect from Tea Partiers?

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