Friday, March 18, 2011

Click and Clack

This is what is of critical importance to Republicans.  The Rules Committee of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives held an emergency session to expedite a bill to ban federal funds from going to NPR.  The bill was then quickly passed in the House by a vote of 228-to-192.  All the Democrats who were present and seven Republicans voted against the bill, which has no chance of even reaching the floor of the Senate.  Another symbolic vote to appease the Republican base and, as a New York Times editorial stated, to send a "punitive message" to an organization that is considered liberal by the right.

Rep. Anthony Weiner (Dem-NY) treated the Republicans' action with an appropriate measure of sarcasm:


lonbud said...

Please don't let the visitors into the sausage factory or soon they will all become vegetarians.

Stephen said...

Weiner is a veteran Daily Show correspondent. Nice to see him filling in while the show's on vacation.

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