Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progressives United, Not Citizens United

As progressives, it's time we had our voices heard.              -- Russ Feingold
Some politicians fade away.  Others become lobbyists.  Russ Feingold is not any politician.  (See Regenerated Progressive.)  After losing his Wisconsin Senate seat to a Tea Party-backed plastics executive, Feingold has formed a political organization, Progressives United.  A direct response to the Supreme Court's disastrous and unprincipled Citizens United decision, Progressives United was formed to fight the corporate influence on elections and to support progressive candidates.

According to its web site, Progressives United's aim is to "build a massive grassroots effort dedicated to mitigating the effects of, and eventually overturning, the Citizens United decision."  As Feingold says in the video below: 
We'll work to ensure that our elected officials, both Republicans and Democratic, are held accountable to the people, and not to the lobbyists in Washington. We'll call out the media, when they hide from the real story. And we'll support candidates when they uphold our progressive ideals, even if the Beltway establishment doesn't.


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