Monday, February 14, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

Cue the Ken Burns music.  Spring training, like spring itself, is a time of renewal and rebirth; a time when even the lowliest team has hope for the season ahead.  Critical trades over the winter have bolstered the team's weaknesses.  Players coming off injury-plagued seasons are returning in the best shape of their careers.  Hitters have corrected the flaws in their swing and pitchers have discovered devastating new pitches.  It may be hackneyed and trite, but I buy it every year.  That's why I eat up articles like the one in the Sunday Times, If The Stars Align, The Mets Could Surprise, Really.

The article concedes that "the 2006 club fell short of the World Series, the 2007 and 2008 teams had crushing September collapses, and the 2009 and 2010 squads succumbed to injuries and some remarkably poor play."  The Mets made no significant trades to make the team better for 2011, and their star pitcher, Johan Santana will not return from surgery until mid-season.  Nevertheless, the piece goes on to surmise, if the Mets' core players stay healthy and the younger players continue to improve, the team could be "formidable."

Yes, he said, "formidable."  Go ahead and laugh, but remember that last year at this time anyone who predicted the Giants would be formidable, much less World Series champs, would have been laughed at too.  So, at least until opening day, I'm feeling optimistic and excited about the Mets' new season.  Really.


Ethan Corn said...

here's to the belief that good players sometimes play poorly. for an entire season. it's the only thing we have to believe in. but it's enough.

baseball is back, and it is about time!

let's go dodgers!

Anonymous said...

way to keep drinking the orange and blue Kool-Aid Lovebuggy...The Giants last year at least had the makings of a nasty starting pitching core from Opening Day which is to a large degree what wins championships...unless of course you're the yankees and then it just depends on how much money you can throw at whatever hitters have been on fire the past few years...Mets record for 2011? I'll go out on a limb and say 86-76..just a few games shy of a wild card berth...but a kid can still dream can't he....

Stephen said...

One of your more unbalanced blog entries, I'm afraid. I think the Times was ladling out the Kool-aid in that piece. I'm usually a hope-springs-eternal kind of guy, but I'm already wearing my "2011 RIP" Mets-logo black armband.

Maybe Mets fans will take inspiration from the Egyptians and depose the tyranny of the Wilpons. Even still, prepare for some serious time in the desert. And if you do, fill your Thermos with Kool-aid.

Lovechilde said...

You will note that I said I will be hopeful UNTIL opening day. That is when, I'm sure, reality will set in.

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