Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Word Cloud

Happy New Year to everyone who has read, shared, followed, subscribed, commented or otherwise supported Fair and Unbalanced.  For fun, I created a word cloud generated from all of the 2010 blog posts (beginning in mid-October, when it all began).  Here is hoping that "Republican" will be a little less prominent in 2011's word cloud.


Stephen said...

I think you demonstrate a tremendous command of the issues you choose to bore into, you draw the field clearly. There's nary a trace of ambivalence in your analysis; I'm never left to guess where you're judgment will land on the topics you present. I think, however, the 2011 word cloud should have ANDY LOVE present and featured very prominently. I'm still waiting for that voice to hit in the 3-4-5 slots of the lineup.

The writer's voice can be more alpha without being gimmicky loud. Fewer embedded citations and quotation are required for a readership that's probably already informed on the issues. In its place turn the mic up on the voice of reasoned passion and persuasion. I want to feel a greater sense of connection with you, the writer. I want the experience to register more of the personal and emotional. (Think Bob Herbert, not Howard Beale.) That's the voice I've been hoping to hear. Less formality, more Lovechilde.

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