Fair and Unbalanced Artwork

I try to find an image for each blog post that, when I'm lucky, provides more meaning than the words can sometimes convey.  There are certain artists whose work I keep coming back to for this purpose and they never disappoint.  They each create wonderful, evocative, topical work which they have allowed me to use, and for which I am very grateful.

DonkeyHotey appears to be getting increasing notoriety in magazines and the blogosphere, and deservedly so.  He describes his art as "a combination of caricature, photo collage and photo manipulation. The resulting work can be categorized as caricature, cartoon, illustration and art depending on the intent."  [See You Really Want to Have a Culture War?; The Frothy Mix of GOP Candidates; Ron Paul Is a Full Bore Crank; Romney Is A Liar; GOP In A Nutshell; From Nixon to Newt: Why We Must Honor The Rule of Law; Mitt Romney Might Not Be Crazy But He Is Still A Wing-Nut]

Eric Drooker
Eric Drooker is a painter and graphic artist with an enormously impressive body of work.  His art frequently graces the cover of The New Yorker, and his posters have become iconic symbols of the Occupy movement.  [See Occupy Has Raised Class Consciousness, Now What; We're Number 27!; The Most Important Thing In The World Right Now]

Robbie Conal
I first encountered Robbie Conal's work when I was living in D.C. in the 1980s, working on Iran-Contra related litigation, and Conal's posters would magically appear throughout the City.  He had the remarkable ability to capture in a drawing with a few choice words the corruption, dishonesty and hypocrisy of our political, religious and financial leaders.  He's still at it. [See Birthday for Bonzo; No Responsible Democrat Should Want Newt Gingrich to Get GOP Nomination; Reagan's True Legacy: Republicans Continue to Create Their Own Reality]

I have a link on the right side of the blog for Tom Tomorrow's comic, This Modern World, which comes out every Monday.  I occasionally reference his work more directly.  I don't think there is anyone better at encapsulating the absolute absurdity of our current political discourse. [It's Their Party; Another Year in Crazy; Anyone But Mitt; Wall Street Whines; But What Do They Want?; Tom Tomorrow's Middle Man]

My friend Jake Barlow draws the cartoon Puddin', about a dog who "don’t have all his parts, but that don’t stop Puddin’ from havin’ a good time and enjoyin’ life.  Puddin's almost daily adventures have become a regular feature at Fair and Unbalanced.

Jaime Cervantes
The design I use as my avatar for the blog I found on a Yo La Tengo poster by Jaimie Cervantes.  What can I say?  It spoke to me, and Jaime was willing to let me use it.


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